Inspirational Monday #1

Everyone needs to be inspired on a Monday! I for one do. It’s the start of a new work week and for photographers like myself it can bring you down a little bit. Especially if you spend the weekend shooting! So I will be posting fun and inspirational videos and stories that I have come across in my life that pertain to photography. I find a lot of inspiration out there from other photographers and I would also like to share it with you!

This first Inspirational Monday post I ran across on one of my favorite photography blogs: Peta Pixel.

It tells the story of Samantha Cristoforetti, Italy’s First Female Astronaut.

I for one have always been the kind of person who always looks up at the night sky. I always wanted to say screw it and go back to school to be an astrophysicist, astronomer, or even someday be an astronaut. Space intrigues me more than anything in the world. It’s this vast unexplored frontier that  I could only dream of some day going out to take an adventure myself. I only wish I could be around when space travel is a normal thing for every day people. Sadly today is not this day, but people like Samantha are here to share their adventures with us.

She is Italy’s first female astronaut and she decided to document her entire journey to space, in space, and after space. Through her lens she has captured some really awesome things. I really enjoyed looking through her work and watching this short video done by Flickr. If you have a chance check it out! And don’t forget to look up at the night sky. Maybe I will make it there one day and share the adventure through my lens.

Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit 2015 Video

The one event I look forward to more than any other year is the Streets of Detroit. I ended up renting a Nikon D750 and shot mostly photos, but checked out the video quality as well. Some of the shots are here in this video that was edited by my buddy Rob Taylor.


Drift Indy Luau 2015!

Rob and I are at it again with our Manji Cartel project! We hit up the Drift Indy Luau up at Grissom AFB and made this awesome video together!


Because Motorcycle Spring Visibility Ride Video!

Myself and by buddy Rob Taylor put this beauty together from our day riding around the Cincinnati area with Look Twice Cincinnati hoping to bring awareness that motorcycles are back on the road!


April 2015 Update

The spring is in full swing, but the start to my busy season seems to be a bit delayed. I had an awesome time down in Savannah with the Assfault Junkies at Roebling Road Raceway for WERA. You can check out my writeup here, photos here, and my buddy Rob’s video below:

We are also attended Look Twice Cincinnati’s spring visibility ride and are currently working on a video for that event as well. You can check out the photos from the event here! I’ll post the video once we have completed editing it.

And this month must be video month because I FINALLY finished a video that I had been sitting on for almost a year now. No Star Bash 2014!

Last but not least I will have a all encompassing video of my drift journey in 2014 coming out really soon. I started work on it last night and I am super excited for it. When I feel this much excitement for a video I know it’s going to be killer.

I really feel myself shifting towards doing more video work. We shall see what the summer brings!

2015: A Fresh Start

Here we are. A brand new year with many opportunities on the horizon! As you can see I have finally got around to getting my portfolio website back up and running. After a virus on my server caused me to wipe everything clean and a failed 1st attempt to get everything rolling again this domain just redirected to my Facebook photography page.

I have been working on my schedule this year and so far it looks very promising. It will be full of drifting, motorcycles, cars and other awesome content. This will be the home for the best of that content while you can experience my full journey over on my Flickr and Facebook pages!

As more events are announced I will be letting you know where you can find me. So far it looks like my first real photography adventure will happen at the WERA National Race at Roebling Road in Savannah in March. It should be an amazing kick off to the year with my Assfault Junkie family!

Stay tuned folks!